This past weekend was surely my most favorite in a looong time. It reminded me a lot of my Freshman years as a highschooler and seeing N*Sync and 98 degress for the ninth times! All giddy inside.

I had the privilege of meeting my two most favorite people idols (let’s all flash back 4 years to Kate Gosselin being my idol. I’ve made huge leaps since then!) John and Sherry Peterisk!! For those of you who don’t know them, they are my favorite bloggers. They are down to earth, funny!, cheap, and have awesome style! It was so fun! I was so anxious, scared, and excited!! I worried what I’d say when it was finally my turn. We got there early and waited in a looong line to meet them at a book fair in Cincinnati. They are coming out with their first book on Nov. 6th about DIY. This was their first stop of their book tour, and the first lucky 200 people there, got the first copies!!!!

We were one of the last people to see them before they left to give their talk. Afterwards, they signed more “book plates” since they ran out of books. A nice couple behind us in line took a photo for us. I was surprised to see these extra photos as we chatted with John and Sherry and they signed our books!! They also shot a couple photos of us with their DSLR Nikon, but silly us didn’t exchange emails, or names!

I still look at these pictures in disbelief!

We got second row seats during the talk and it was awesome. They talked about nothing we’ve read before on the blog, and not things in the new book. But instead, 9 lessons they’ve learned in showing their house some love!

The biggest thing that stuck with me, was a home isn’t made over night. Slow down! Don’t feel like you HAVE to have a room completed in a month by the time you’re having that party. The room will end up being done, but not to your liking. It will be filled with things you sorta like. In the long run, you’ll end up spending more money switching things out. Slow down and only buy and paint what you love, and that may take years! In the end, you’ll end up loving your room and it will be complete! Something that I need to remember because I’m guilty of it.

They took photos of us and instagramed us :)

They claimed to be so nervous and awkward, but I felt the same. It was such a lovely day, and they are such lovely people, I don’t have better words for it! Go buy the book! Sherry drew the heart around love! :) Ahhh!!

P.S. Another sweet fact about Sherry is that I’ve seen her wear that exact outfit before (not in real life). I’d be the first to get something new for MY FIRST BOOK TOUR. But that’s not them, they are so simple. And I’m striving for that. Did I mention she only has ONE bra. WTH?! In my dreams….