The Dreaded ICU

Work has been hell. Let’s be real. SICK, SICK, SICK patients. I’m not kidding. We haven’t been busy in almost a year and we prayed and prayed people would get cancer so we could continue to work. Just Kidding. But really, we haven’t been busy and by busy, I mean full of patients. Well the time has come, and these folks are sick. We are running a mini ICU on 14CD. I didn’t sit down today, and when I did, I shouldn’t of.

Musocitis like the dickens. This x10, including the lips plus bleeding = Morphine drip.

New leukemics, including ones that don’t speak English. Fevers, neutropenia (look it up), pain, wounds, transfusions, heparin drips, TPN, chemo, and the list goes on. I leave work by 1930 except for .25% of the time. This past week and tonight I’ve left after 2000. Unheard of. Records have been beaten. I’m sore and tired and drained. The weekend off didn’t cut it (though bar golf was a blast). I need a vacay.

Oh wait, a vacay is in the future! We’re leaving in 10 days. I get to experience the beach with my two favorite boys. I. can’t. wait.

Ahh-mazing. and good night. I’m back to work in t-9 hours.