State Champs

WOW, what a weekend. I over did it, that’s no secret. My baby brother, Kyle plays basketball for Covington Catholic High School. He’s a sophomore and starts JV. He started dressing for varsity near the end of the season. After they won region, the team headed to Rupp Arena in Lexington for the state tourney. SO exciting! I love basketball (go cards!) and Kyle playing high school ball is no different. I begged someone to come in at 3pm for me at work so I could head down to Rupp for the first round Thursday at 8pm.

Everyone was so excited to be here, from the students, to the players, to the parents. This was a text I recieved from my mom at 530pm: 

She cracks me up. I was hoarse after the win from the screaming and cheering. Home at midnight and back to work on Friday, off at 3pm and headed back down to Lexington for the second round at 8pm. We met up with some friends Jeff, Andy, and Sara had cocktails and headed to the game. Another win!

Afterwards, we went to the local brewery, West Sixth, to finish watching the UK game. We got home around 2am. I was exhausted! I had planned a wedding shower for months at my house for Angie who is marrying my favorite cousin, Erik. Johnny and I are both in the wedding. I spent all day Saturday cleaning my house and preparing for the shower on Sunday at noon. Semifinals were held at 8pm on Saturday, and we headed back to Lexington.

Another awesome win. The JV team played for about the last 17 seconds because we were up more than 10 points. It was then back home we went. Sadly, I had to miss the finals as the shower was right in the middle of the 2pm game time. Thankfully, I was able to watch it online. I got up Sunday at 9am to pick up cookies my friend Emily made for the shower. Everyone came over at noon. Shower was great.  Turned the game on at 2pm for me and my family. My mom missed the shower and rightly so. By 4pm, Cov Cath had won their first ever state championship and I cried. A selfie:

These boys just played 4 games back to back on a college sized court. What an effort! A homecoming was celebrated at school at 7pm, and of course we went. The bus was escorted by firetrucks, police, and ambulances back home. It was incredible. Coach Ruthsatz handed each player and coach their state medal back at home.

So proud of those boys and their efforts. Seriously. Their hard work was rewarded on Sunday. I’m hoarse and tired, and way behind on school work, but goshdarnit, it was worth it! Thanks for the memories!!