Office Photo Dump

I’m happy. The office is ready for us to put long hard hours of work in there. But am I ready? It doesn’t matter, it’s coming anyway.

The lamps are dark. I’ve lived with them this way for a couple weeks and they’ve grown on me, but I think I may ultimately change their base color. I borrowed  a spare chair that I used at my desk as a child at my dad’s house. He gave it to me when I moved in and it’s been sitting in the guest bedroom. I haven’t found a permanent chair for my desk yet. I like the wood feel of this one, it ties into the small wooden lamp on my #1′s desk.

It’s a bold difference from the color I’m used to using. But it’s a nice view from the hall. The curtains compliment my hallway DIY art.

This is real life. Used desks and working computers with TWO keyboards and TWO mice mouses?

Those books are for ONE class, and it’s not stats. Yikes. I made the art on the wall near my desk for inspiration. The photo on my desk is more inspiration. It’s a photo of my #1 and I laughing during a card game on spring break when we were in college. It’s inspiration to get through school, which equals increased salary, which equals more money to go on vacations, which equals laughing and playing cards on the beach with the people I care about.

My fig plant (courtesy of IKEA) is struggling. But he’s hanging on. Maybe it’s his cry for needing a prettier pot.

I love these colors and books that speak to my #1′s heart. Surfing, motorcycles, and Hawaii. I may have sneaked “Fix it in a Flash” and “Rules for my unborn Son”.


This lamp and it’s polka dot shade is the

It’ll do, eh?