Thrift Shop Show and Tell

I went thrift shopping again. Who knew they had special deals each day of the month set out the month prior? I always walk in and hope the deal of the day on the marker board is for what I’m shopping for. Well, an old fellow who saw my arms full of goodness informed me that the very next day the entire store was going to be 50% off. The monthly flyers were on the counter, and I saw for myself. He told me to hide whatever I wanted and come back when the store opened the following day. I had to laugh because this gentleman was a better thrifter than I am. I took his advice. But I snapped some photos of the things I eyed before I left for the night…

Adorable small stackable bowls. They were $1 each. I had 3 in my hand, and put them back for the following day. Someone must have bought them that night (or hid them) because they were all gone the next morning.

This yellow wicker ball was cute for $1. I thought it would look nice on top of a stack of books, or on a some built-ins.

This cow was plastic and funny. Placed in the right spot (like a nursery) it could be fun.

This was a candy dish. But I thought mounted in a gallery wall would add depth.

I loved this guy. Maybe spray painted, maybe not. On top of a dresser in a nursery or child’s room would be adorable.


These  candle sticks were in my hands, but at $5 a piece, I didn’t think they were a steal. I loved how big and chunky they were, not to mention the wood! They too were missing the next morning. I didn’t have a spot picked out for them, but was thinking the mantle…

If you’re into owls, they had these for $3 each. They, of course, would need spray painting.

This wooden bowl had potential on a book case or nightstand to hold jewelry.

I thought this tea pot would look cute on a rustic, or black and white kitchen shelf.

I didn’t have a place for this lamp/side table combo, or else it would have come home with me. It could’ve used some paint, but I loved it next to a chair.

As for what I came home with… none of which has a permanent spot in my home yet.

A small wooden dish, or piece of art.

Adorable green lattice frames. I’ll most likely remove the sea gulls.

A simple white dish to hold my sponge and dish soap by the kitchen sink.

A ceramic mushroom. I thought about spray paint, but he is as-is for now.

This wooden geometric mirror. Maybe it’ll end up in the office or upstairs hallway.

I had intentions of using this lamp on my white desk either spray painted something bright, or paired with a patterned shade. But it’s just too small. This one might end up in my garage sale this summer… but for $1, it was a painless mistake.


This Saturday is another 50% sale. Holla!

High Hung Remix

The curtains have been hung for almost 3 weeks.

I’ve really grown to like them. They were another sweet Christmas present from my sweet mom (hi mom). I searched for curtains for while, wanting something bright with fun design. But I didn’t want this room to be too busy, and if I changed the wall color, or pictures, or couch, I didn’t necessarily want to replace the curtains. I also wanted to possibly use the same curtains in the dining room since the two rooms flow into each other. Ultimately I went with something neutral. They are the Farrah Cream curtains from Target. At $16.99 a panel, I  my mom couldn’t beat it.

Believe it or not, I did iron these! I searched long and hard for cheap curtain rods too. They don’t exist. At least not my standard of cheap, especially when I needed a long one. So I made these. I bought 3 of these rods from Home Depot. Electrical Conduits. Don’t ask me about their intended use. These are 10 feet long and $4 a pop. I brought them home, spray painted them oil rubbed bronze, measured them out, and cut to size.

The windows by the fireplace only allowed for me to hang the curtains 9 inches from the window frame without hitting the wall, and 2 inches into the mantle.

The front window allowed for 12 inches on either side of the window frame. I wanted the curtain to just graze the window frame. This makes the window look bigger and does not block any light from entering the room.

The brackets also came from Home Depot. A set of 2 with hardware ran me about $4 each. The ring clips came from IKEA. Which are by far the cheapest out there. A set of 10 for $3.99 was a dream. The curtains could have just slid onto the rod, but I opted for the ring look.

All said and done for these 3 windows it cost roughly $115. Minus my Christmas gifts, my cost was only $47! And that I can’t beat.

A little before and after:

My curtains touch the ground. That wasn’t my goal, but it happened. I intended for the rods to hang higher near the crown molding. But after holding it there, it looked weird touching the molding. So we brought it down a few inches and now they touch the ground. I could lose the rings and be fine, but I think it looks delicate this way.

My DIY rods don’t come without flaws. My conduit rods are slightly thicker than my brackets, so they are just resting on them. I could attempt to get them in, but then my curtains will touch more of the floor, and worst of all, I could crack my plaster walls by forcing them in. So I’m leaving them be. Did you even notice that?

My rods could also chip since there are spray painted. These curtains are decorative. They will not be sliding back and forth against the painted rods. My white blinds will hide our faces at night from the outsiders.

I bought cheap finials from IKEA too, which I didn’t use. Did you notice? Does my rod look naked? They are VERY simple:


But there is nothing to screw these into at the end of the conduit. I thought about a glue and electrical tape concoction. Instead, I’m leaving them be. More industrial, with very clean lines.

As for the dining room and using matching curtains (since I have all the rod supplies now), Target was SOLD OUT of the 95” curtains! Until yesterday….

Closet Reorganization

Our closet shelves and floors needed some love. Our closets have slanted walls which leaves lots of unused space in the back and narrowed shelves on top.

Or, maybe we just have too much stuff. That is really the truth of it all. So, I went out and got some more things…

I purchased some bins at the dollar store for $1 to give items on the shelf a home.

Obviously jeans and such won’t fit in the bins. Hats, tennis shirts, tanks, and shorts did find a new home. Hopefully these things find their way BACK home. The before and afters don’t do much for the outsider, but it feels more organized to us.

Shoes were all over, especially in my closet, in boxes and lined on the floor. I found these nifty shoe organizers at IKEA for $6 that made for more floor space.

And my #1′s side: with a shoe rack, and another bin for winter accessories.

I also used a few command hooks for necklaces. I have a hanging jewelry organizer, but these chunky necklaces that are now in style were not fitting.

Unused space in the upper corner of my closet is where they are now living. There is definitely more room for other things, like bracelets, in the future.

Now I’m searching for some type of drawer system to fit under the hanging clothes for our clothes that are not in season.

Spring cleaning is approaching, or maybe even in progress. Consignment shops are on my list of errands, to drop off items we no longer use. I’ve also started a garage sale pile in the basement. Our city doesn’t have a “city wide” garage sale day, so maybe I’ll haul everything to my mom’s neighborhood for theirs, just like I did last year.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


Office Inspiration

As grad school approaches, I wanted to get the office in order. My #1 starts his MBA program this summer too. He scored a 710(!) on his GMAT (thanks for letting me brag on him). He’s still deciding on which school to attend, though he’s pretty much welcome anywhere. Xavier accepted him the SAME DAY he applied. Say What?! Oh, the life of a genius…

Last weekend we made the hike up north to IKEA. I needed a desk, and we wanted to check out their options for better storage to make the office more user friendly. We came home three hours later with a station wagon full of boxes.

My #1 has generously allowed me to be a part of his office. Moving his desk to left side of the room will allow for more ceiling to floor wall space. My new desk could then fit in the small nook next to the closet, which will allow the surf- photo gallery wall to be open. The bookcase/ TV stand and TV might live there, or find a new home in another room.

I bought TWO parson desks at IKEA because I couldn’t believe how cheap they were. I’ve been eyeing one for the craft room. I needed space to wrap presents and craft, so I bought one for that room too. $15 for the legs and I bought 2 different sized tops: $6 for the office one and $16 for the craft room top. Done.

VIKA AMON/VIKA ADILS Table IKEA The high gloss surfaces reflect light and give a vibrant look.

My #1 has a ton of junk stuff that needs a home. Electronics, magazines, books, ticket stubs, small trinkets, etc. Mostly it’s stored in shoe boxes or larger moving boxes in closets that have never been unpacked. In IKEA’s showroom, right next to the parson desk I was eyeing sat this bookcase:


He really liked it and picked it out all on his own. It had glass jars, white cardboard boxes and magazine holders in it, as well as books. He bought all it’s components to hold all of his stuff. I liked this cabinet because it’s exactly that. It has hidden storage as well as a glass display on top to show off prettier things. I like the big glass jars as alternative storage devices too.

We decided to pick out paint and get the office painted prior to loading everything upstairs. Ugh, picking out paint! I tend to always lean towards a light grey blue that looks almost exactly like our entire upstairs. I needed something DIFFERENT! My #1 said to pick 5 colors I like and then he’ll choose. If he had his way it’d be a rich dark ocean blue. But I thought that was too much for such a small room. I found 5 swatches which were all similar light blue-greens. I sat on those this week and finally decided I needed 5 different colors. Then, YHL announced their Ben Moore 2013 paint picks, and a couple dark blues stuck with me. Lucerne by BM:

The office is small, but has cathedral ceilings, and 2 windows that bring in a lot of light. I plan to paint the ceiling this color too for better flow. With light accents such as pillows and art, I think this color will work.

My dark grey curtains will be too dark with this color. I found these super affordable curtains at IKEA for $25 for the PAIR, AND they’re 95”.

JANETTE Curtains, 1 pair IKEA Eyelet heading works on curtain rods.

This family room will be my new inspiration. With Lucerne on the walls, the white bead board as our bookcase and new desk, and the grey couch as my #1′s desk, I’m in awe.

I emailed the color swatch, curtains, and this photo to my #1, and got the response “It looks rad!” Sold.


PS. Maybe I’ll use this same color for the craft room too. I’m not enjoying the pale green in there of late. And this inspiration photo with the bright white bead board is making me dislike it even more.