Finally a Place To Call Home

After a year of applying to grad schools and getting denied by two, but then accepted by one, I was grateful my journey was over. When we got back from Asia last month, I received an email from UC that began with “Congratulations”. I was stunned. Having been denied by most of the colleges I’d applied to, I assumed UC would deny me also, and Xavier would be my future school. UC’s online MSN program is ranked top 20 in the nation. It cost more, requires me to take a statistics course, allows me to start in May, is completely online, and most importantly, will make me a nurse practitioner in just two years. The pros ultimately won, and I accepted my seat last week.

I’ve been trying to live it up a little knowing I’ll have no life after May 6th. When I talk about “living it up” it only means having more than one beer and staying up until midnight. A couple of friends and I booked a trip to Florida to visit a great friend over St. Patty’s Day, which is always a blast. I can’t wait to share my last vacation (for a while) with them!

A Quick Review

I’ve searched for a decent lipstick for a while. And by search, I mean I’ve bought three different kinds the past year. I’m not a makeup enthusiast. I just wanted something simple and natural to bring my pale lips up to par. Nothing really has worked, or the color was too pink, and I always seemed to stick with my Burt’s Bees, until now…

Maybelline makes this stuff, and I bought two. I bought a peach and a purple colored one. It’s like chap stick and lipstick in one. It moisturizes, shines, and gives color. It goes on smooth and makes my lips smackable (is that a word?). The color amount is what I was searching for. Maybe this already exists and I’m just a lipstick makeup noob. This product doesn’t come without flaws. The color doesn’t last long, so frequent applications are a must.

Thrift Store Finds

I recently went thrift shopping while jamming to this song:

File:Macklemore - Thrift Shop.jpg

watch the video here

Goodwill was my place of choice. I was on the hunt for a small glass container to hold my q-tips in my bathroom cabinet, (which was a success!) and anything else that caught my eye.

This wooden pineapple was made in Honolulu (so the sticker on back says) which is where my #1 lived for a short time in college, and I of course visited him there. I decided to paint the inside and hang it by my front door. I needed some more art on the walls and I thought the pineapple was fitting to welcome our guests inside. I wanted to incorporate the green/yellow/goldish color in from the chair nearby.

I mixed some paint together to get the color I desired. I found a sample “oops” paint at Home Depot on clearance for 50 cents. I used Frog Tape to tape off the surrounding wood. I had intentions of spray painting, but could not find the color I wanted in spray form.

I used command strips to attach the pineapple to my wall. Worked like a charm.

That’s a sneak peak of another project we have accomplished (more on that later). I think I’ll eventually either add something else to that wall, or maybe something to the center of the pineapple. Or maybe the simple lone pineapple will grow on me.

I added some of the same paint to the small bird that lives on the dining room shelf, to brighten him up.

This was another thrift store find. This darling guy was $1. He landed in the family room also. He’s managed to stay away from the paint… for now!


Meaningful Art

While in Asia I wanted to find a Vietnamese map to hang somewhere in my house. My #1 is 50% Vietnamese and I thought it would be neat to have something from Vietnam in our home. I found a map on our last day in a small book store in the city Hoi An.

When we got home, I found a frame at Target that I thought was dark enough and blended in with my stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. The map’s size was perfect for the wall near the bar.

I used the paper with the fake picture on it that comes with the frame as my mat. I painted it with a small foam roller the same color as the darker shade of the dining room.

And simply centered the map on top to create a mat. The map is written in Vietnamese which is a nice bonus of authenticity.

PS. Please forgive me as my new layout sucks, though I’ll cheers to bigger pictures!

You’ve Got Mail

Christmas gifts are just now getting put to good use, as it took us nearly a week to get adjusted to the eastern standard time zone. We’ve been hating on our mailbox since the day we moved in, and I’ve even heard my mailman bully it. It was small! Greeting cards didn’t even fit in it, nor magazines (that we get a lot of). It was rusting, the whole front would fall whenever we simply tried to retrieve our mail.

I’d been eyeing this mailbox on Pottery Barns website for over a year, but never could bring my self to pay Pottery Barn prices. So I asked for it for Christmas, and got it from my dear aunt, who also gifted “You’ve Got Mail”.

My #1 hung it and we’ve all been enjoying it, even the mailman! Should I apologize for the iphone pictures? Nah, but seriously, I’ve got to find my Nikon’s battery charger! Last seen: Asia : /