Christmas Gift

I’ll apologize for bringing up Christmas, but I have excuses. My number #1 and I just returned (2 weeks ago) from a trip of a lifetime. We traveled three countries in Asia in 19 days. It was awesome, and if you every have a chance to go, do it. Bangkok was so very cool, and I’ll say my favorite city!

My dining room light broke on moving day and I showed you guys how I fixed it in one of my very first posts here. That was almost a year and half ago.

One of my Christmas gifts from my mom was a new light for the dining room. My dad came over yesterday and hung my new pendant from Crate Barrel. You can find it here . It’s such a nice touch to the room, making it feel more bright.

With the light on, it is a bit yellow. I’ve since changed the bulbs to more wattage and it looks better. (Not pictured). And leaves no shadows on the ceiling.

Don’t mind the outlet in the background without a plate. I was switching them from almond to white. My dad taught me and I was excited to finally get that done. He also replaced my dimmer, which went out. Yay for new upgrades! And thanks mom for the gift! :)