What’s Been Goin On Upstairs

This sorta makes me laugh. My titles. But they are so ever gay (as in they make me laugh). Anyway, this nasty stuff has been coming down and new beautiful shingles have been going up. The difference is ahhh-mazing and I couldn’t wait to share!

The roof before: Check out those huge nasty skylights! And the terrible flashing around the chimneys. And the difference in wear on the shingles under the skylights.

And say bye-bye to the solar panels (that no longer work, and currently leak):

Then he showed up:

And today:

Awesome sauce.


Hung High

I got on it myself. It’s not perfect, just ask my #1, he’ll tell you alllll about it.  I hung the craft room curtains last week. The room itself got a small makeover also. It houses some furniture and plants from the family room and kitchen while Christmas takes over. It’s very eclectic-bohemian in there, if you ask me. The plants are overwhelming and the mix of colors and patterns has taken over. It makes me feel weird.

Oh, and that fern, I rescued from my neighbor’s garbage. It’s huge! and in decent shape, not to mention: free! It fit nicely in the pot that was in my fireplace.

I need to hem the curtains still. They are Ikea cheap-o’s (go figure) with cheap-o rods that I spray painted white. I tried to keep them as wide as possible, not to block the natural light, nor cover my “create”.

So, that’s that.