It’s been on the wall for 96+ hours, and I’m elated. I’ve thanked my stepdad for allowing me to help him add “frame building” to his resume.

The wood frame makes the difference. I can’t wait to get something cool and dark on the walls. Painting this room this fall will complete the room. There is no tutorial out there on how to make your own frame using the “engineered prints” method of mounting. I will be back with a separate post about one. My Olympus captured those photos. It’s not perfect, and the map is not protected. But for under $10 it’s satisfying.


Fall is approaching. I’d had enough of my summer front porch pillows. I replaced them. I thought these were more depressing my style. They bring out some of the blue in the shutters too. I love gray and dark brown.


I haven’t been happy with my flowers all summer. I’ve even contemplated digging them up. Next year, I’m going with one flower and one color only.

Happy Labor Day!


All ya’ll are bitches. Working with ALL women (as in zero men) is so draining. I couldn’t do it 8-5.  I loved my all girl high school. So what’s the deal? Maybe it’s because we’re not in high school anymore!

My down fall is playing the role of “victim”. Victim has huge water filled eyes, and a quivering chin. She thrives off sad shit, and even plays sad songs to long further into her sorrows. This role playing gig is not for me. I’m constantly battling with her.

In the words of Johnny Sullivan, and now apparently American Eagle, “Live Your Life”. Easy? Simple? I wish. Words to strive for.

I could elaborate, but only in victim’s words, so I’ll move on, and, Live My Life.

Let’s Take This Upstairs

Heading back upstairs, I’ve spruced up the hallway with some DIY canvas art and colorful new closet knobs. I’ve put some needed color in the bedroom picture frames. And made the bathroom art bolder.

And I’ll leave you with a peek at what I’m finishing this week…

Taking It Up a Foot

I’ve been nagging my #1 waiting to rehang these curtains for sometime. The pair above the bed actually fell when we had visitor do some risky business stay in that room to house sit. I took it upon myself to get the ladder and drill out. Growing up as an only child with a single mom, we learned early to get things done for yourself.

The before:

I used this paper to mark the wall how high to hang with a pen. Then flipped the paper over to do the same on the other side of the window. Easier than measuring and leveling.

And after:

The room just looks so much better, and TALLER! It’s amazing, it almost felt too tall. These curtains are from Ikea years ago. I used them in my Newport house and they didn’t even touch the ground there. Here, even with hanging them nearly a foot taller, they still collect at the ground. I could easily hem them, but am really just over it. I can live with them looking like this.

I’m not going to lie, hanging these were a bitch. Plaster is not my friend. And I used what I had on hand, and ended up drilling 3 holes to finally get the last screw in, plus an extra nail for added support. See how that curtain is little tilted? My fault. Just don’t tell anyone else, and hopefully they won’t notice. Disclaimer: Do not attempt to move these curtains as they may fall and cause injury to one’s self.

I also hung the picture that had been over my couch in this room. I thought the colors matched nicely, especially with the rug.

This is where I’ll stop myself from typing away. I have more to show, but I’ll leave it for another post. Remember “Enough”? Yeah, me neither.

Color Inspiration

Here’s my beloved map. Where I got my map inspiration actually. The frame and wall color is to die for.  But will this color fly with my orangish couch? Of course this home is in Portland, and I love everything inside it.

Benjamin Moore Copley Grey - pinned from Young House Love, home belongs to

Or does this do the trick better?

Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey

I was thinking of a color in this field except for maybe with a green undertone.


I’ve been getting all sentimental on myself. Kind of by chance. Well, first I forgot I left Rebecca you (and now Laura) hanging on my latest DIY project. No, not the frame. But hopefully I’ll get started by Thursday! Here is THIS final piece.

I purchased something else that I can’t reveal until a later date. But it’s going on this wall too. I left like I needed just one more “thing” to make 3. It’s a decorating sin to work with even numbers. So I decided since there was already a picture of Johnny and I, and a picture of Oliver on the mantle AND side table (spoiled) I would put a picture of Dylan. Cue the sentimentalness. So I bought the cutest smallest circular frame I could find. And finding this wasn’t easy. We need more circular frames in this world!

This was a picture from Dylan’s last night. We brought him Whities, and spent lots of time with him in the front yard. He looks tired, but happy to see me. I threw some scrapbook paper behind the photo, which you can’t really tell in this photo. Paisley blue that I had on hand. doesn’t let you print 3×5 pictures. This is a wallet, and it’s awkward. Gosh, Dylan was awesome. RIP.

In this whole process I thought the keys needed a darker frame. I wasn’t in love with the cream one anyways. I sorted thru the ones that I had on hand, and found this one.

I gave this to the boys of Prall St in college. Surprisingly, the frame is still decent enough to hang in my own home. But my gosh, check out those boys.

How adorable is Chase?! And Johnny’s hair is straightened. By me. What was I thinking?!

But there at the bottom is sweet baby Dylan, in his prime. That damn house aged that boy. Smoking is terrible.

So out went the picture of my favorite college boys, and in went more sentimental shit.

Now, how to determine how the frames should collect themselves on the wall. I swear I’m not balls deep with these photo wall collage things. This is my second, and probably last.

Which do you prefer? I think I like the middle choice. Here’s a peek at the actual frames:

I’m not in love. They seem a little too big for the space. But I didn’t want them all to be black/dark brown. So that’s why I threw in the tan frame. But it’s 5×7 and thick. It might be too much. But see that photo? It’s old, and hilarious.

From left to right: Clay, Berling, Simon, Sutter, Fay, Erik, Johnny, me and Emily. Another sentimental moment. Outside Adult World, on the way home from Gatlinburg. This clearly won’t be the picture hanging on my wall, but at one time it was on display.

Here are a few others of the room to help you make your decisions.

New green foliage, Instead of pink.

Leave comments, questions, concerns.



Why does everything have to be so darn expensive?!

Skylights that open and have blinds= over $900. Each.

Online statistics course= $800 not including 2 books.

Monthly student loan repayments= $200.

Walk the Moon ticket= $60.

A flight to San Diego to visit a really good friend= nearly $400, not to mention a departure time to come home at 6am!



Thank God my car is now paid off! I’ll cheers to my new monthly raise :)