Can You Tell I’ve Had A Lot of Time on My Hands Lately??

Aside from my days-off-work-walks with Oliver, it’s just been too hot to enjoy the outdoors this past week. So I’ve taken it upon myself to provide some TLC to some neglected spaces. The office wall frame gallery has made headway. I collected new frames and old ones laying around the house and put pictures in them all.

Next, I cut out magazine pages to fit each frame size and used painter’s tape to display them on the wall. I was able to see that they all fit, and easily make changes. Then, I just nailed straight thru the paper, and hung the frame.

And, ta-da!!

A few close ups of my favs:

Not sure what I will do with the other side of the room just yet. Maybe Johnny’s surf board will end up there.


I’m totally in love with my newest purchase for the living room! It came in mail yesterday and immediately I took it to get framed. I laid it down, and the lady measured it. 5 foot by 3 foot. She started handing me all these gody-looking frames that looked like they belonged in a palace. I told her I just wanted something simple. She informed me only certain frames would be acceptable due to it’s weight. So after finding a couple that might work, I asked how much. The cheapest, that of course doesn’t qualify for the 50% off, was $984.00. I’m sure my face was priceless. I questioned her, then told her that was insane, and left. WHAT?@!! nine. hundred. dollars. No way.

I came home and googled making a wooden frame myself, which is what I intend to do. With the help of my male family members. I also went to Target and bought sticky stuff to at least hang it up until I get a frame. I even may just nail a frame around the already hung picture.

I even think my mantle still looks great. I did switch out the fern’s pot to match a little better.

The color-lacking master has gotten a little spruced. I thought I could use some left over green paint from my craft room to paint a border on the new frames on either side of the bed. I haven’t got that far, but decided to play with some left over pillows from the family room’s couch. Since these didn’t necessarily go with my new picture, I figured I should recycle them.