What I’ve Been Up To

A few small changes are being made around mi casa. Nothing major this summer, since summer is a busy time. First, I felt like something was needed on the already-there-nails (from the previous owners) over our shoe storage next to the front door.

And a sneak peak of what I’ve been creating for the space:


Stayed tuned for the finished product!

Our ¬†bedroom is an area that I’m craving color. I haven’t decided which color that will be. But I felt like I could start by changing out the frames next to the side tables to create something more dramatic. I have hopes to paint the mat (in the color I decide to pull from) eventually. These original frames weren’t doing anything for me. Please excuse the messy room. Again, busy summer…

And now… See they still need a pop of color, so more to come on that too. Sorry for being a noob photographer and my lack of flash.

But I think I’m on my way, and they look much better.

Next up, Johnny’s office. We’ve been meaning to paint it for a while but can’t decide on a color, so it’s still lime green. I’m also getting a new roof and new skylights. Therefore I’m hesitant to paint until that gets fixed, so it won’t mess up my fresh paint job. Johnny gets tons of surf magazines. They are constantly coming in the mail. I thought maybe we should put them to good use and make a photo collage over his desk. I’ve been waiting to do a wall of photos but haven’t found the perfect spot. So I thought this was a good start. His mom gave him a poster of a surfer (which I thought was sorta teenager-ish), but I’ve decided to play off it.


I’ve bought black and white frames. I might use a mixture, as I don’t want it to look too matchy-matchy. I’m excited to see how this room turns out!


PS. I’m waiting for something to come in the mail for the family room. And it’s 5 foot by 3 foot!!!!!

Puppy Pool Party

We take Oliver to a dog park most Saturdays after we pick up our food share from our friend’s farm. It’s on our way, and close to home. This past Saturday they held the season’s first dog pool party. Since Oliver loves water, we couldn’t wait to go.

It started off slow..

But he quickly learned. He’s never been in a plastic baby pool before.


Johnny tried to get him to enjoy the sprinkler. He wasn’t interested..

It started to get crowded, and I got some shots of other cool dogs. Including a spoiled greyhound (who got out anytime another dog came near her), huge multi-multicolored danes, a baby Oliver, and an Uncle David look a like. Any takers??

He had fun!


My little brothers are growing up. And are taller than me. But who am I kidding? They’ve been taller than me for years now. Brett graduated high school and Kyle graduated 8th grade last week. With graduations and confirmation I’ve seen way too much of the bishop. And should now know the response is “and with your spirit” but still do not.

Look at that smile

This is probably one of the best pictures of my grandparents. They are both smiling. They hate getting their picture taken, so for their smile, I am thankful.

And Kyle has always been a little more fashionable. Well, flash-y.

Can’t forget about Blake. He’ll graduate from high school in 3 years, then Kyle and Brett the year after (!!).