Laid Up

I’m laid up with self diagnosed strep throat this weekend. The weekend before my party. I had brilliant plans, but instead I slept, and chilled. 99.9 was the highest temp I got. I had some Penicillin on hand, so I started that. If I don’t feel better by Monday, I’ll go to the doc. I’m supposed to work Monday and Tuesday with my student, but if I feel this way still, I won’t be there. Also, my clinical ladder book is due Tuesday, not to mention a meeting I have scheduled. Must get better by then!

That’s What He Said

We want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.

Not him, well, yes him. But it’s really what this guy’s been sayin’:


Ice Cream Ginger

I can’t tell if this kid is terrifying or hilarious.  Bravo.



I’m not going to lie. I’ve been eating too many of these. My belly hurts and I’ve had the runs tonight. Too much information?

Cheers to the Red’s for another winning opening day! Johnny is who-knows-where celebrating. I’m in bed with a hyper dog, not feeling well, eating red jelly beans, hoping the runs go away by morning so I can make it through another 12 hours at work.

But enough. I’m starting to re-think my posts. Are they too long? Too much at once? I think I may need more detail. Smaller posts, but with more detail. They seem to reflect my life that way though. Too much at once. Can’t sit still kinda lifestyle. Hmm. Decisions for those non existent readers out there. So many to please, such little time.

These, my friends, are called first world problems.

Drum Roll Please…

As promised, the pictures!

Craft room color finished. It still needs blinds and curtains and my “create” which are all ready to go (cough, cough):

The completed room will soon be shown, once completed. Which will for sure be by May 5th!

The updated guest room with an already owned white duvet, pillows, throw, and curtains:

The new rug will soon be shown once the room is completed.

The completed dinning chairs. I went with cording versus nail trim:

Our new adorable Japanese something cherry tree:

The grass-less area where the dead Dogwood once lived. Ugly! We’re trying patchmaster and grass seed!

One of the front porch for fun, the chairs with their rockers on:

We bought a new lock for our gate, and I spray painted the existing handle black to match.

And a few of the back yard where I transplated plants from all over the yard to mainly around the patio and tree.

The dresser I inherited from my mom. I stained it to match the existing one in our bedroom.

The drawers are actually a better photo of the real color. This is it complete in our room, after 3 coats of stain and poly:

I replaced the knobs. I went with these.

But sadly, I’m 2 short and have ordered more, but who knows when they will come in. So I brought 2 other kinds home, but decided against them.

And here you can see how well this dresser matches the other one:

Back to the garage now. My refrigerator. It’s pretty much complete, however I keep noticing small scratches near the handle. Maybe my sanding technique sucks, or maybe it was the fact I didn’t use primer?

Now for the basement! This looks SO much better! I can’t wait to complete. I’m on the 3rd coat of the white trim now, but the walls are complete! The first picture is a before/after situation. It best depicts the real color. A sort of light mint green.

 I can’t wait to be finished! It’s a time consuming project!

This small photo my mom found the other weekend when we had our garage sale. She was cleaning out old photo albums to sell and came across this picture. I know it’s a photo, but to me it really looks like a photo from a magazine or something. I had to have it. It’s of my grandpa way back when with his buddies at the track, maybe even Derby. It was his favorite past time. I loved it so much as the colors in it match my house (gray). I bought a small frame for it’s 3×5 make and searched for a small spot in my house to hang it. It landed here:

In my upstairs hallway. It’s small, but adorable, and sentimental. Did you notice the knob on the closet door? While I was searching for dresser knobs, I had a brillant idea to replace the white knobs on the 3 closet doors to something more cheerful. These are what I found:

Not sure I’m sold. Therefore I’m still hunting…


That’s all folks!