I pulled out my Nikon today and turned it on to snap some photos. No SD card. What? Oh yeah, I forgot I’d given it to my mom so she could develop some pictures I took for her.

So those pictures I promised are still not here…

I’m Still Here

OK I’ve been dreading this, hence no posts in weeks. I got the email. The one everyone dreads. The “Thanks for your interest” one. Yeah. Failure. And the most aggravating piece is that it’s because my Ohio U statistics course that was REQUIRED for my BSN didn’t count. Yeah. So I let everyone know, including the 5 or so co-workers doing the same program, my manager, and Ohio U. Ohio U’s response was “well I guess we will have to offer another stats course for those wanting to further their education past a BSN”. Would’ve been nice to know 2 YEARS AGO!!

So, my options are take an NKU stats this summer on T-Th nights for 6 weeks. Oh, and don’t forget the $500+ for the course and book. Not to mention I’d have to then work every M-W-F. LAME. No thanks. And that’s not even guaranteeing me admission into the MSN program at NKU.

OR, I could take on a part time job in researching all online MSN programs to find out which ones take ANY stats course with a passing grade, and apply again. Grr.

So that’s been on my mind. My co-worker that applied w/ me didn’t get in either, but because of her GPA. All this has been on the back burner, especially with this amazing weather. I’ve been working on all kinds of projects around the house.

The craft room is painted! Blinds, curtains, and my word ‘create’ need to be hung still (Waiting on my #1). I’m happy with color. I moved the rug from the guest room into there also. It’s still echoing in that room. Need more furniture.

I bought a new rug for the guest room which I love, but boy does it stink for some reason. I hung old curtains up from my Newport family room, and put on an already owned white duvet cover, and changed out some of the pillows on the bed, and added art to the walls. Pictures to come.

A new tree was planted in the front yard! It’s so cute, and we moved it further out so now I’m trying to grow some grass too. I’ve re-arranged some hostas to go around the big tree in the back. I’ve painted the garage fridge x2. We had some people over and the paint around the handle isn’t staying. It’s chipping. So it needs another coat or 2.

What else?

The dining chairs are finished!

I started painting the basement! I finally went to see Johnny Kennedy. He’s this great guy that owns a paint shop in Latonia and is a family friend. He’s picked many colors for my mom and it always looked great. So I went to him w/ my basement dilemma. It’s a pale mint green. I thought it might be too much color since I wanted something neutral. But I trust him, so up it’s going. It will need 2 coats for sure. My #1 is going to help me w/ this BIG project since I want it done by our Derby party! Which I can’t be more thankful for.

I had a successful garage sale last weekend w/ my mom. Over $100 made! Worth it to me! She gave me a few goodies, including an old 3 drawer dresser. I started staining it today. I plan to give it to my #1 on his side of the room for his clothes. He only has 1 drawer in my dresser, so he deserves a few more. Plus it will help fill in the HUGE room.

I think that’s all that has been on my plate. That’s it?! Ugh, I’m tired, but happy things are getting done. Lots of yard work too, of course.


Taking It On

Is the i in “it” supposed to be capitalized? I’m not sure either.

Our secretary at work was looking in the Sunday paper the other week and alerted me to a sale at Big Lots! Yahoo! Wicker rockers (which I’ve been eyeing) were on sale. Oh, and if you sign up for their rewards card, you get an extra 20% off. Holla! But I didn’t find out about the extra 20% off until I had already purchased them. So Saturday we went to another location to purchase the chairs with rewards card in hand only to find out the sale didn’t start until 5pm, and it was only 3pm. Fail. Needless to say, after some wasted gas, and time, I finally got my chairs Saturday night and returned the ones I bought earlier in the week. It saved me $25ish!

Today was another glorious 60 degrees and sunny. I decided spring had sprung (I wish) and got them out.

Minus the plastic wrap and not having the actual rockers on, I’m in love! I thought about painting them darker, but I think they look great the way they are. I also have a hay-like colored outdoor rug in the garage I’ve yet to lay down. The pillows I scored at Garden Ridge for $10 a pop. I think they work well with my blue shutters and deep door color, and the yellows too. Once I get some fresh flowers, my curb appeal with be bangin’.

I’ve also been looking for a new light fixture. But will I miss that ugly fan? Maybe.

I’ve gotta get that dead tree out of the front yard too. Any suggestions for a new one?

I’ve also been painting my craft room. The beadboard was first (and is 90% done, I just ran out of paint), and now I’ve been trying to pick a fresh color for the walls.

What color do you like?

And from the hallway looking in? Does your pick still go?

Another project I’ve been tackling for this very same room. Funky & Lacking color.

Spring changes to the mantle were also made. What do you think? After rearranging, and rearranging again, I think I’m liking it. Exclaimer: yes, I know I’m not a pink girl, but I was trying to tie in the pink from the painting above the couch (not shown), and make the room more light and spring-like.

After the craft room, we’re tackling the basement. Painting and moving and adding some ceiling lighting. And finally getting matching interior doors :)  Sherwin Williams in having a nice sale next week, so color selections must be quick so I can stock up! Hopefully this can all get done by Derby.

We’re having a party, so mark it on your calendar! After Anne’s shower, of course!