Sun in my Face

After living in Newport, and then Covington, it was hard to lay out at my own leisure. The backyard(s) I had weren’t private, and I felt silly. Living in Ft. Wright has changed that. Not saying my yard is very private (because it’s not), but at least I don’t live on a busy street or have creepy neighbors staring at me. Here, it’s common to be outside on nice days doing yard work, or playing with your dog. Both things I love to do. I feel more at home here.  Today is the first day I’ve been able to experience this as it’s warm enough to be in short sleeves. After some leave raking, weed pulling, and damned-out-of-control-ivy trimming, I”m sitting in the back yard with Oliver at my feet, feeling the warm sun on my face. I am happy. I just wish I had a lounge chair and then I’d guarantee I’d be sleeping.



PS. I’ve been checking my email like a mad women for acceptance or “thank you for your interest” emails from NKU. Nothing.

Girl’s Weekend

Almost a month ago, my girlfriends and I took a weekend trip to Gatlinburg. We took a lot of gay photos, which I adore. See below:


So that vacay I talked about in my last post that my #1 and #2 and I so badly needed. Yeah, not happening. Instead of laying on the beach today feeling the warm sun on face, I’m laying in bed w/ my #2, while my #1 is working.  Long story short, we got a 1am wake up text telling us all the things we had done wrong at dinner the night before, oh, and by the way, Oliver can’t come to FL. Punched in the face. Less than 48 hours before we planned to leave. UGH. Why do our vacations never happen the way we want or plan?!

My feelings are hurt, and so are my #1′s. We thought about making up and going, but I didn’t really think we could find dog boarding within a day. But truthfully, I just didn’t want to spend my vacation is someone else’s house who acted that way.

We weighed our options and decided to stay in town. Johnny felt stupid telling his work he’d now be working, and his friends in FL that he’d be working instead of visiting them in almost a year. I was lucky in that I had neither of those to do.  Since my vacation started 2 days ago, I’ve slept. Oliver knows we’re sad and has slept with me too. I hope he’s not sick, but instead just comforting me. Dogs are amazing.

We toyed with Hocking Hills. But $150 for one night, 3 hours away wasn’t appealing to me. I felt like we were trying to make up for our non existent vacay. So we’re staying put. Tomorrow we’re going to Findlay Market, then somewhere outside to play w/ the boy. Maybe making dinner and seeing a movie. Sunday shopping including Urban Outfitters and lunch. Nada for din, which we’ve never been. Reservations Monday at the Precinct to top it off.

Oh, my NKU documents have all been received and I can’t believe I could possibly be back in school by August 20th! Ahh! We’re thinking Brazil in August for a final sha-bang.

How long has it been since we’ve gone on a successful vacation together?

The Dreaded ICU

Work has been hell. Let’s be real. SICK, SICK, SICK patients. I’m not kidding. We haven’t been busy in almost a year and we prayed and prayed people would get cancer so we could continue to work. Just Kidding. But really, we haven’t been busy and by busy, I mean full of patients. Well the time has come, and these folks are sick. We are running a mini ICU on 14CD. I didn’t sit down today, and when I did, I shouldn’t of.

Musocitis like the dickens. This x10, including the lips plus bleeding = Morphine drip.

New leukemics, including ones that don’t speak English. Fevers, neutropenia (look it up), pain, wounds, transfusions, heparin drips, TPN, chemo, and the list goes on. I leave work by 1930 except for .25% of the time. This past week and tonight I’ve left after 2000. Unheard of. Records have been beaten. I’m sore and tired and drained. The weekend off didn’t cut it (though bar golf was a blast). I need a vacay.

Oh wait, a vacay is in the future! We’re leaving in 10 days. I get to experience the beach with my two favorite boys. I. can’t. wait.

Ahh-mazing. and good night. I’m back to work in t-9 hours.

A Puppy Perspective

Hello all you non-existent readers out there! Sorry for the my lack of posting… at least Lauren is really picking up the slack.

Today is Wednesday, currently Ollie’s party-time day at the Pet Spot. He gets a good 11-12 hours there while I work and bowl. Anyway, I always find myself looking into the eyes of Oliver and wondering what is going through that tiny, love filled brain of his.  I think these videos give a little window into that mind. Plus the music isn’t too shabby.

The first one is from a Pug’s perspective on the streets of some city.  The second is a Great Dane pup at the dog park.  Side note: I really want a GoPro camera.

Music: Salem – “Skullcrush”


Music: (These guys have a full album for free on their site!)