Random Thoughts

Is anyone wondering who Johnny is? Blue Hump By: Johnny & Lauren

I, myself, is wondering when he will appear too.


Today I swept the kitchen, living and dining rooms. Got on my hands and knees with warm water and vinegar and started scrubbing. They look marvelous. And Oliver once again, got a taste of more vinegar. Then, I vacuumed my car since there will be others in it in just a couple days as me and my best friends spend a weekend in Gatlinburg. Next, I stapled a few black garbage bags to the garage ceiling to protect the insulation. Ever since Johnny installed the garage door opener, bit by bit the insulation is falling down from the door constantly scrapping it. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

Other news on the home front: our bedroom ceiling is leaking again. My uncle came a couple of weeks ago to patch old solar panels on our roof. There was a known leak there when we bought the house, but we hadn’t seen much damage until wind gusts and rain storms came. Two or so nights ago another thunderstorm-ish thing came through in the middle of January and the dry wall/ paint is bubbling a bit again. Boo.


OK Did anyone else see Seal on Ellen today? How sad him and Heidi Klum are separating. But it’s weird. He is wearing his wedding ring because it’s “a token of their connection”. He “loves and respects her” still. Then he sang some love song about being together forever. He told Ellen how shocked they were themselves just like everyone else, and how vows are not just words. Really?!

And that nail polish? Homosexual-ish,


Proud to Call Her One of My Own (Friends)

Say hello to The Enquirer’s Volleyball Coach of the Year!

VOLLEYBALL COACH OF THE YEAR: Andrea Lanham, Notre Dame: One season after the Pandas lost in the Ninth Region championship, she guided them to the state semifinals where the fell to eventual state champion Louisville Assumption.<br /><br />


Small Changes

I’ve been obsessed with DIY blogs for the past year or so and was dying to get into a house to call my own. Since getting the keys to my new house almost 4 months ago, I’ve made some changes. I’m hatin on myself right now for not taking before  and after pictures. But I’ve captured some of the changes I’ve made thus far (minus the decorating/buying new furniture). Oh, and my dad painted the outside of the house in November, but let’s face it, it’s just too cold today to go outside to snap a few of those.

This is the closet door of a spare bedroom on the first floor. It was brown, my friend Rebecca helped me paint it white. Three coats later, it looks like this:

The inside is still brown to give you a better idea of what it did look like (i’m lazy):

The previous owners had a black and white theme in the first floor bathroom. They left a flowered black and white mirror. It didn’t go with my blue, so I sprayed painted it blue for the time being: I don’t know how to turn photos!

The window trim in the kitchen was left unpainted in it’s original wood form, which wasn’t appealing to me. And so were the baseboards. The side door still had primer on it (which was a light blue) and didn’t go at all. I matched the window and door to the walls, and the baseboards got white to match the rest of the house:

These “things” were yellow. I spray painted it white to match the ceilings. There’s one more in the spare room I haven’t gotten to yet. When I paint that room, I’ll get er done.

And the undone one:

On moving day in October, this chandelier broke and hung from the ceiling, so I fixed it:

In this same dining room is the thermostat. There was left an old, unused air humidifier controller? I took it off the wall, patched it, sanded it, painted it. It doesn’t take 20/20 vision to see where it once lived, aka: I suck:

I’ve slowly been reupholstering the dining room chairs from their original Florida-like design. And this is a time consuming process, which leaves me to say I only have 2 of 6 chairs 1/2 finished:

And one undone:

And some DIY dining room art I found on Pinterest. They maybe costed me $15 each, which you can’t beat:

Sorry for the window glare, I’m not a photographer. There are 2 of these, but you get the idea.

Before moving day, my mom, aunt, and friends helped me paint. We painted the dining room, and upstairs and downstairs hallways, including ceilings, trim, and doors (which there were 11! not including the one in the first pic). The walls got a fresh coat of a light blue/gray and everything else got the standard fresh and clean look of white.

It was exhausting and time consuming, and once we were finished, I didn’t want to paint another thing for a long time, and I haven’t, until this:

The basement ceiling once looked like this which seriously everyone looked at right away, unconsciously, so it had to go. This, again, is a temporary fix until my bank account starts growing again and I can get a real basement ceiling.

And in some parts, it still looks this way because I’m taking my sweet time. I’ve small foamed roller brushed most, except near the walls were I need a small hand brush to finish. And I’m slacking..

Lastly (for now) our front door hardware was brass, which is outdated. I’m obsessed with ORB, so the lock was changed to ORB. And the rest got ORB spray paint, which I’m pretty proud to say turned out pretty badass:

Disregard the dirt, smudges and fingerprints. This is also a shot of the front door’s new color (to match the brick). It was white, and BORING. I darkened it, along w/ the screen door, and I’m pretty happy with it. The outside of the side door off the kitchen is also this color. And my neighbor adores it too!

Doesn’t seem like a lot, but boy it feel like a lot! I plan on painting the blue spare room this spring once it’s a bit warmer. I’ll keep things posted and try to take more photos along the way.

PS. I had a couple of beers last night, and slept til 11am (which never happens). So did Oliver. It was glorious.


Could It Be??!

Paula Deen has diabetes?! Noo. Can’t be true.


Grad school is upon us. February 15th deadline. 4 weeks. 2 days.

Reference letters x2, verification of worked hours as a nurse, application, letter of intent (aka selling myself), transcripts x4 (because that’s how many schools it took me to get my BSN), updated resume, verification of nursing license, and you can’t forget about the cash money. I. must. cross. my. t’s. and. dot. my. i’s.

I’ve been assuming I’ll just get accepted and be able to bullshit my way through, just like I did with my BSN. Even though my mom always said assuming makes an ass out of U and ME. As I checked out the core courses online today, I soon realized I’ll be in for a real treat. Physiology, Research, Statistics, Pharmacology, ahh. That shit you actually have to LEARN. Not to mention CLINICALS. Something I never had to do for my BSN. Good grief.

My stress level is slightly rising. I’m stuffing my face with flavor blast goldfish, and my keyboard is turning orange. And I just now realized I’ll be THIRTY when I graduate. Where are the oreos?!

The start of something new…


To be continued..