Thrift Store Finds

I recently went thrift shopping while jamming to this song:

File:Macklemore - Thrift Shop.jpg

watch the video here

Goodwill was my place of choice. I was on the hunt for a small glass container to hold my q-tips in my bathroom cabinet, (which was a success!) and anything else that caught my eye.

This wooden pineapple was made in Honolulu (so the sticker on back says) which is where my #1 lived for a short time in college, and I of course visited him there. I decided to paint the inside and hang it by my front door. I needed some more art on the walls and I thought the pineapple was fitting to welcome our guests inside. I wanted to incorporate the green/yellow/goldish color in from the chair nearby.

I mixed some paint together to get the color I desired. I found a sample “oops” paint at Home Depot on clearance for 50 cents. I used Frog Tape to tape off the surrounding wood. I had intentions of spray painting, but could not find the color I wanted in spray form.

I used command strips to attach the pineapple to my wall. Worked like a charm.

That’s a sneak peak of another project we have accomplished (more on that later). I think I’ll eventually either add something else to that wall, or maybe something to the center of the pineapple. Or maybe the simple lone pineapple will grow on me.

I added some of the same paint to the small bird that lives on the dining room shelf, to brighten him up.

This was another thrift store find. This darling guy was $1. He landed in the family room also. He’s managed to stay away from the paint… for now!


Meaningful Art

While in Asia I wanted to find a Vietnamese map to hang somewhere in my house. My #1 is 50% Vietnamese and I thought it would be neat to have something from Vietnam in our home. I found a map on our last day in a small book store in the city Hoi An.

When we got home, I found a frame at Target that I thought was dark enough and blended in with my stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. The map’s size was perfect for the wall near the bar.

I used the paper with the fake picture on it that comes with the frame as my mat. I painted it with a small foam roller the same color as the darker shade of the dining room.

And simply centered the map on top to create a mat. The map is written in Vietnamese which is a nice bonus of authenticity.

PS. Please forgive me as my new layout sucks, though I’ll cheers to bigger pictures!

Framing an Oversized Poster

I did a poor job of capturing the framing process. But it started with me rummaging through my garage to find some left over crown molding/base boards. I sanded and stained them, and applied a coat of poly. We cut them to size at a 45 degree angle and used wood glue and clamps to hold them together. L brackets were used at each corner for extra support. I used a glue stick to adhere the poster to a piece of insulation, cut to size. Enter mistake #1 (more on that later).

We then screwed the frame to the  piece of insulation around the poster. We held the frame to the insulation with clamps while we worked on the other side. Be careful to use the correct size screw as you don’t want your frame to break.

We used paint stirer sized pieces of wood and washers between the screw, insulation, and frame for more support. Later we used these same thin pieces of wood to attach the framing kit to hang this on the wall.

After the frame was attached, we used a hand saw to cut away the extra insulation. The insulation is seen from the sides, and I plan on painting it the same color as the walls to camouflage it more.

I had to make 5 cuts because I didn’t have the right lengths of each piece of wood. It’s hard to tell now.

Ok, so mistake #1 was the glue stick. I was afraid spray adhesive would bled through. I guess the mixture of humidity and glue stick’s lack of stick has led to this.

Wrinkles all over. The map looks texturized now. I’m thinking of removing the poster from the insulation and reapplying using spray adhesive.  But it’s risky!


Let’s Take This Upstairs

Heading back upstairs, I’ve spruced up the hallway with some DIY canvas art and colorful new closet knobs. I’ve put some needed color in the bedroom picture frames. And made the bathroom art bolder.

And I’ll leave you with a peek at what I’m finishing this week…


I’ve been getting all sentimental on myself. Kind of by chance. Well, first I forgot I left Rebecca you (and now Laura) hanging on my latest DIY project. No, not the frame. But hopefully I’ll get started by Thursday! Here is THIS final piece.

I purchased something else that I can’t reveal until a later date. But it’s going on this wall too. I left like I needed just one more “thing” to make 3. It’s a decorating sin to work with even numbers. So I decided since there was already a picture of Johnny and I, and a picture of Oliver on the mantle AND side table (spoiled) I would put a picture of Dylan. Cue the sentimentalness. So I bought the cutest smallest circular frame I could find. And finding this wasn’t easy. We need more circular frames in this world!

This was a picture from Dylan’s last night. We brought him Whities, and spent lots of time with him in the front yard. He looks tired, but happy to see me. I threw some scrapbook paper behind the photo, which you can’t really tell in this photo. Paisley blue that I had on hand. doesn’t let you print 3×5 pictures. This is a wallet, and it’s awkward. Gosh, Dylan was awesome. RIP.

In this whole process I thought the keys needed a darker frame. I wasn’t in love with the cream one anyways. I sorted thru the ones that I had on hand, and found this one.

I gave this to the boys of Prall St in college. Surprisingly, the frame is still decent enough to hang in my own home. But my gosh, check out those boys.

How adorable is Chase?! And Johnny’s hair is straightened. By me. What was I thinking?!

But there at the bottom is sweet baby Dylan, in his prime. That damn house aged that boy. Smoking is terrible.

So out went the picture of my favorite college boys, and in went more sentimental shit.

Now, how to determine how the frames should collect themselves on the wall. I swear I’m not balls deep with these photo wall collage things. This is my second, and probably last.

Which do you prefer? I think I like the middle choice. Here’s a peek at the actual frames:

I’m not in love. They seem a little too big for the space. But I didn’t want them all to be black/dark brown. So that’s why I threw in the tan frame. But it’s 5×7 and thick. It might be too much. But see that photo? It’s old, and hilarious.

From left to right: Clay, Berling, Simon, Sutter, Fay, Erik, Johnny, me and Emily. Another sentimental moment. Outside Adult World, on the way home from Gatlinburg. This clearly won’t be the picture hanging on my wall, but at one time it was on display.

Here are a few others of the room to help you make your decisions.

New green foliage, Instead of pink.

Leave comments, questions, concerns.


Can You Tell I’ve Had A Lot of Time on My Hands Lately??

Aside from my days-off-work-walks with Oliver, it’s just been too hot to enjoy the outdoors this past week. So I’ve taken it upon myself to provide some TLC to some neglected spaces. The office wall frame gallery has made headway. I collected new frames and old ones laying around the house and put pictures in them all.

Next, I cut out magazine pages to fit each frame size and used painter’s tape to display them on the wall. I was able to see that they all fit, and easily make changes. Then, I just nailed straight thru the paper, and hung the frame.

And, ta-da!!

A few close ups of my favs:

Not sure what I will do with the other side of the room just yet. Maybe Johnny’s surf board will end up there.


I’m totally in love with my newest purchase for the living room! It came in mail yesterday and immediately I took it to get framed. I laid it down, and the lady measured it. 5 foot by 3 foot. She started handing me all these gody-looking frames that looked like they belonged in a palace. I told her I just wanted something simple. She informed me only certain frames would be acceptable due to it’s weight. So after finding a couple that might work, I asked how much. The cheapest, that of course doesn’t qualify for the 50% off, was $984.00. I’m sure my face was priceless. I questioned her, then told her that was insane, and left. WHAT?@!! nine. hundred. dollars. No way.

I came home and googled making a wooden frame myself, which is what I intend to do. With the help of my male family members. I also went to Target and bought sticky stuff to at least hang it up until I get a frame. I even may just nail a frame around the already hung picture.

I even think my mantle still looks great. I did switch out the fern’s pot to match a little better.

The color-lacking master has gotten a little spruced. I thought I could use some left over green paint from my craft room to paint a border on the new frames on either side of the bed. I haven’t got that far, but decided to play with some left over pillows from the family room’s couch. Since these didn’t necessarily go with my new picture, I figured I should recycle them.

What I’ve Been Up To

A few small changes are being made around mi casa. Nothing major this summer, since summer is a busy time. First, I felt like something was needed on the already-there-nails (from the previous owners) over our shoe storage next to the front door.

And a sneak peak of what I’ve been creating for the space:


Stayed tuned for the finished product!

Our  bedroom is an area that I’m craving color. I haven’t decided which color that will be. But I felt like I could start by changing out the frames next to the side tables to create something more dramatic. I have hopes to paint the mat (in the color I decide to pull from) eventually. These original frames weren’t doing anything for me. Please excuse the messy room. Again, busy summer…

And now… See they still need a pop of color, so more to come on that too. Sorry for being a noob photographer and my lack of flash.

But I think I’m on my way, and they look much better.

Next up, Johnny’s office. We’ve been meaning to paint it for a while but can’t decide on a color, so it’s still lime green. I’m also getting a new roof and new skylights. Therefore I’m hesitant to paint until that gets fixed, so it won’t mess up my fresh paint job. Johnny gets tons of surf magazines. They are constantly coming in the mail. I thought maybe we should put them to good use and make a photo collage over his desk. I’ve been waiting to do a wall of photos but haven’t found the perfect spot. So I thought this was a good start. His mom gave him a poster of a surfer (which I thought was sorta teenager-ish), but I’ve decided to play off it.


I’ve bought black and white frames. I might use a mixture, as I don’t want it to look too matchy-matchy. I’m excited to see how this room turns out!


PS. I’m waiting for something to come in the mail for the family room. And it’s 5 foot by 3 foot!!!!!