Radiant Books and A Sleeping Pup

The book self and TV moved to our bedroom from the office a month or so ago, and it’s dangerous. Some days I am tempted to stay in bed and watch the local news all day. Three years of bunny ear antennas will do that. I attempted a rainbow scheme to display our books, but quickly learned it was a gradient I created. Oliver hasn’t noticed. It’s not permanent, but provides the pop of color(s) I was going for in our neutral bedroom.

Yeah, you saw correctly, there’s more than one of Kate Gosselin’s books. They didn’t make the garage sale pile. Murder me.


Puppy Pool Party

We take Oliver to a dog park most Saturdays after we pick up our food share from our friend’s farm. It’s on our way, and close to home. This past Saturday they held the season’s first dog pool party. Since Oliver loves water, we couldn’t wait to go.

It started off slow..

But he quickly learned. He’s never been in a plastic baby pool before.


Johnny tried to get him to enjoy the sprinkler. He wasn’t interested..

It started to get crowded, and I got some shots of other cool dogs. Including a spoiled greyhound (who got out anytime another dog came near her), huge multi-multicolored danes, a baby Oliver, and an Uncle David look a like. Any takers??

He had fun!

A Puppy Perspective

Hello all you non-existent readers out there! Sorry for the my lack of posting… at least Lauren is really picking up the slack.

Today is Wednesday, currently Ollie’s party-time day at the Pet Spot. He gets a good 11-12 hours there while I work and bowl. Anyway, I always find myself looking into the eyes of Oliver and wondering what is going through that tiny, love filled brain of his.  I think these videos give a little window into that mind. Plus the music isn’t too shabby.

The first one is from a Pug’s perspective on the streets of some city.  The second is a Great Dane pup at the dog park.  Side note: I really want a GoPro camera.

Music: Salem – “Skullcrush”


Music: morehazards.com (These guys have a full album for free on their site!)