A Puppy Perspective

Hello all you non-existent readers out there! Sorry for the my lack of posting… at least Lauren is really picking up the slack.

Today is Wednesday, currently Ollie’s party-time day at the Pet Spot. He gets a good 11-12 hours there while I work and bowl. Anyway, I always find myself looking into the eyes of Oliver and wondering what is going through that tiny, love filled brain of his.  I think these videos give a little window into that mind. Plus the music isn’t too shabby.

The first one is from a Pug’s perspective on the streets of some city.  The second is a Great Dane pup at the dog park.  Side note: I really want a GoPro camera.

Music: Salem – “Skullcrush”


Music: morehazards.com (These guys have a full album for free on their site!)