The Gap

The Gap by Ira Glass could explain my absence.


Or maybe just grad school.


But damn, so much has changed. It’s been so long. And I’m embarrassed that I thought my master looked good. Ugh, that gap.

New Blog

I found this semi-hilarious blog about nursing. Enjoy.


PS. I witnessed a natural labor yesterday as I was there to assist in administering an IV drug to her for low platelets. I witnessed a sad truth while at her bedside and it’s true: sometimes you poop when pushing. EKK! The doctor looked at me (while she was wiping away her turds with a wash cloth and throwing them away) and asked “do you have kids?” I told her no, and she just chuckled. My face must have shown it all. L&D is a foreign world to me full of poopy and bloody odors.



Thrift Shop Show and Tell

I went thrift shopping again. Who knew they had special deals each day of the month set out the month prior? I always walk in and hope the deal of the day on the marker board is for what I’m shopping for. Well, an old fellow who saw my arms full of goodness informed me that the very next day the entire store was going to be 50% off. The monthly flyers were on the counter, and I saw for myself. He told me to hide whatever I wanted and come back when the store opened the following day. I had to laugh because this gentleman was a better thrifter than I am. I took his advice. But I snapped some photos of the things I eyed before I left for the night…

Adorable small stackable bowls. They were $1 each. I had 3 in my hand, and put them back for the following day. Someone must have bought them that night (or hid them) because they were all gone the next morning.

This yellow wicker ball was cute for $1. I thought it would look nice on top of a stack of books, or on a some built-ins.

This cow was plastic and funny. Placed in the right spot (like a nursery) it could be fun.

This was a candy dish. But I thought mounted in a gallery wall would add depth.

I loved this guy. Maybe spray painted, maybe not. On top of a dresser in a nursery or child’s room would be adorable.


These  candle sticks were in my hands, but at $5 a piece, I didn’t think they were a steal. I loved how big and chunky they were, not to mention the wood! They too were missing the next morning. I didn’t have a spot picked out for them, but was thinking the mantle…

If you’re into owls, they had these for $3 each. They, of course, would need spray painting.

This wooden bowl had potential on a book case or nightstand to hold jewelry.

I thought this tea pot would look cute on a rustic, or black and white kitchen shelf.

I didn’t have a place for this lamp/side table combo, or else it would have come home with me. It could’ve used some paint, but I loved it next to a chair.

As for what I came home with… none of which has a permanent spot in my home yet.

A small wooden dish, or piece of art.

Adorable green lattice frames. I’ll most likely remove the sea gulls.

A simple white dish to hold my sponge and dish soap by the kitchen sink.

A ceramic mushroom. I thought about spray paint, but he is as-is for now.

This wooden geometric mirror. Maybe it’ll end up in the office or upstairs hallway.

I had intentions of using this lamp on my white desk either spray painted something bright, or paired with a patterned shade. But it’s just too small. This one might end up in my garage sale this summer… but for $1, it was a painless mistake.


This Saturday is another 50% sale. Holla!


It’s been on the wall for 96+ hours, and I’m elated. I’ve thanked my stepdad for allowing me to help him add “frame building” to his resume.

The wood frame makes the difference. I can’t wait to get something cool and dark on the walls. Painting this room this fall will complete the room. There is no tutorial out there on how to make your own frame using the “engineered prints” method of mounting. I will be back with a separate post about one. My Olympus captured those photos. It’s not perfect, and the map is not protected. But for under $10 it’s satisfying.


Fall is approaching. I’d had enough of my summer front porch pillows. I replaced them. I thought these were more depressing my style. They bring out some of the blue in the shutters too. I love gray and dark brown.


I haven’t been happy with my flowers all summer. I’ve even contemplated digging them up. Next year, I’m going with one flower and one color only.

Happy Labor Day!


I pulled out my Nikon today and turned it on to snap some photos. No SD card. What? Oh yeah, I forgot I’d given it to my mom so she could develop some pictures I took for her.

So those pictures I promised are still not here…